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"The Gruffs are in that rare position of having created an album which is unique on the scene"
Kate, AJ's Rockin Music Reviews
Desmond psychedelic rockabilly meditation enlightenment cosmic

Vintage Rock Magazine


**** "Want to wreck furiously and expand your mind at the same time. Look no further"...Issue 59


AJ's Rockin Music Reviews


"Think dreamy, swampy, upbeat, timeless and completely unique and you're halfway to describing the sound of The Gruffs..12th Oct 2022


Gruffs Cosmic Kafoodle swamp UFO  rockabilly western psychedelic original

Only Death is Real


"A very rootsy the nude so to speak....over-arching delightfully fun, quirkily hunorous"


UK Rock and Roll Magazine

"Lyrically...a very clever set of tunes..will have you grinning from ear to ear..and bopping like a man possessed...a hugely impressive album"...Issue 222 October 2022

Explorer Nigel Priddle 


"Stuffed with killer tracks and fantastic lyrics..a headline to play it for a 3rd time today"


Die Psychocouch, 17th June 2023

Very infectious....diversity in style is a guideline for the band...The Gruffs take off to the realms of wisdom and ready to be surprised. If you are into the earlier records of THE GRUFFS you will find a lot of the things you liked on here, too. If you are open minded, I am pretty sure you will also dig the new ideas and experiments. Cool and intelligent, Cosmic Kafoodle is your record.


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